Ciaran & Little Bud

Oh my heart! Driving up the long winding driveway to the sight of daffodils, and lambs everywhere frolicking to keep up with their mothers on dewy grass sounds so very sweet but I assure you it’s a real scene I witnessed and experienced. It was a Sunday morning and Ciaran was hard at work trying to get a new born lamb to get back to his mother. The lamb wasn’t having it though- he would not leave Ciaran’s side.

Over the winter I had spotted Ciaran featured for his yarn line in an issue of the Slow Fashion Irish Magazine and got so excited to try some of his wool. I connected with him over Instagram and we hatched a plan to meet up at his farm for the yarn handoff when I visited in March.

I could have talked to Ciaran all day about his sheep and lambs, yarns & the milling process. But I knew he had a lot to do as all farmers do, always.

When I arrived at my next home base, I quickly put 1 skein to work by splitting it into test samples, scouring once more, and then cold soak mordanting. I foraging for dyes in the Irish country side in County Clare, Tulla to be exact. And I even had a bit to use at a last minute workshop I signed up for with MalĂş at The Cloughjordan eco village in Tipperary. Making these fiber connections was delightful!

I look forward to using the rest of Ciaran’s Irish Ryeland yarn in my upcoming workshops.

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