Beatrix Potter; a life in nature

I really got a kick out of organizing my books into themes of how one could relate to a next one. It felt only natural to move onto an English lady of much higher virtue than the scoundrel, Sir Richard Bingham turned out to be.

I have loved Beatrix Potter’s art and stories for as long as I could remember. Her life became even more curious to me when I saw the movie, “Miss Potter”. Colorful and full of whimsy and heart ache. And how she found her way with her art. I felt so connected to that.

Of course this book gives her life’s story much better shape. Though dense and long, I found it all fascinating. She did so much for land preservation in England. I had no idea. Including, which I learned the very same day that I would spin this type of wool, (I was on that page) that she raised, showed, and helped preserve Herdwick sheep. She even had her suits made out of their wool.

Such a rich life story where she worked so hard to fill her life with purpose. I continue to be inspired by her.