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There’s nothing quite like visiting old and new (to me) favorite works of art to remind me of the various pieces of myself that I want to keep alive and that I value.

I did a quick walk through of the Museum of Modern Art while in Boston. I enjoyed a fairly quick breeze through, only stopping for works that stopped me in my tracks. These were the ones. Some old friends. Some I’ve never seen. There were others I didn’t capture but I had a sense they wouldn’t photograph well enough and some things are just best left only in the memory.

Pontoise, The Road to Gisors in Winter, Camille Pissarro, French, 1873, oil on canvas

What grabbed me: the curve of the buildings and the roofs tops with snow dusted about. The curve to the left pulled my heart to curious places. I wanted to walk into that scene and disappear around the corner.

Eternal Springtime, 1884, Auguste Rodin, French, caste in bronze(?)

Do I really need to say anything here? I mean, if this doesn’t grab you and stop you in your tracks, I’m not sure you have a pulse. Sorry.

Ok, I will add- I want to reach out and grab this piece because when I look at it, my hands can feel the artists hands and what he felt while forming this.

Les dahlias, jardin du Pent Gennevilliers, Gustave Caillebotte, French, 1893, oil on canvas

I’ve become so partial to rooftops and housing structures. I enjoy them so much. So tidy and angular. The coral color in the foreground of the flowers bringing your eye to the back ground of the roof… I badly want to hang my laundry in this garden.

Sadly I did not capture the artist information nor can I find anything on the web.

Grays are starting to take hold of me again. The gray sky, my gray clothes, the gray (silver) giving my hair it’s own sparkle (so I tell myself) it’s a little bit seductive and I don’t know why. The layer of gray over the lavender and pink with the stripe of chartreuse?!?!

Hanging or Cover, Inka, Peru, late 17th-early 18thc, wool (camelid), silk, cotton, linen

The skill and artistry that goes into a piece like this is mind blowing to me. Even when I know and understand each step. I may not understand the specific nuances of each step, but as a hand spinner I do know what it is to spin silk, flax into linen and wool. I also know that as this piece pre-dates the invention of aniline dyes, every color is made from a plant or insect. And if I could stand in front of it longer, I could probably tell you exactly what each one is. These pieces always completely rock my world when I see them.

This reminds me it’s time I visit my own local art museum & perhaps do the same thing: stroll through & only stop for the ones that tell me to. I wonder which new ones might jump out at me & which old ones will as well.

All in all, my artist spirit has been refreshed a bit.

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