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Dyeing on the Road

Last October I took a solo trip to Ireland. These solo trips give me life. I had a very simple agenda; visit best friend, stay in favorite hotel, walk the fields and do dye experiments.

I had yarn and salvaged silks prepped with alum before hand and a few basic tools like wooden dowels for eco printing.

It was so freeing to just wander and to make time to be curious about what various plants would do against the wool and silk.

I tried various steaming methods as my cooking situation was a little unexpected but I made things work.

From left to right: wild matter, lobaria lichens, orange milky mushrooms, St. John’s wart, purple mushrooms, red onion skins, wild rose hips.

Wild madder is near impossible to collect when buried deep in the Burren limestone. I managed about a tiny pencil eraser size amount from a root. But plenty to conduct a tiny experience with.

One of the best solo trips I’ve had there. I look forward to returning in March. This time splitting my time on the East coast to do family research, adventures and the other half will be on Inisheer, the smallest of the Aran Islands to knit, paint, and dye.

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