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Market and Wild Chamomile dyeing : day 4

How I LOOOOVE exploring new places by shopping. I don’t care what kind of shop I’m in or discover, I want to check it out.

After our hearty breakfast, we caught the bus right outside the B&B to Tlacolula Sunday market. Here they have EVERYTHING. And I came back with EVERYTHING. The smells of roasting meat, cilantro, freshly ground chocolate, and freshly cut fruit where enough to keep me balanced enough from not getting too overwhelmed by all the activity. I can’t wait to return.

Once we settled back at home, we got started in dyeing with dried wild chamomile. I never used it before and oh my goodness, the vibrant gold orange & earthy greens we got are fabulous.

Market dried peppers
A delicious treat filled with custard
Inside the market
Pup knows where it’s at. Waiting for roasted meat to fall.

Freshly dyed skeins with dried chamomile

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