Ciaran & Little Bud

Oh my heart! Driving up the long winding driveway to the sight of daffodils, and lambs everywhere frolicking to keep up with their mothers on dewy grass sounds so very sweet but I assure you it's a real scene I witnessed and experienced. It was a Sunday morning and Ciaran was hard at work trying… Continue reading Ciaran & Little Bud

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Irish Landfall; 45th b-day in Ireland

I’m curious….. What airlines have you flown where you’ve been able to have your knitting needles on board? Ironically, you cannot take knitting needles on Aerlingus flights. It’s annoying. But I managed. I started the Carradal Shawl by Lucy Hague while onboard a Concord coach bus to Logan airport. Happy that my kid’s motion sickness… Continue reading Irish Landfall; 45th b-day in Ireland