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My Shamrock Hat; tam o’sham designed by karendipity

Downton Abbey is what I watched all through the clicking of this yarn that became a hat. I didn’t mean for it to go that way, but it worked. I liked imaging it would be something that Daisy would wear while heading to her farm for the day. I didn’t make a swatch for the hat first and maybe I should have….? It’s worked out fine. It’s a snug fit just around the brim but the rest is roomy. It keeps my tender ears toasty and has been both Maine island wind tested and now The Burren in Fanore, Ireland tested. This Pattern and yarn together were a joy to blend.

I held back these two color ways for myself as they were singles and the colors so enchanting to me. The green, so bright and cheerful. The pale purple/pink, so pearly. Almost iridescent. I knew I’d find a way to wear them together.

The pattern is lovely too in so many ways. With the elegant details for the brim which is created by making a picot edge, the braiding techniques, the color work and the crown shaping, and not to mention the shamrock design itself. The instructions are laid out simply and very easy to follow, even the various techniques like the rope braiding for the rim which I’ve never done before. The directions were written clearly.

The green is a true chartreuse which came from very pale yellow plant, tansy I think that I had used multiple times and then weak indigo dip. The pale purple skein came from a very pale cochineal exhausted bath and also dipped in a weak indigo vat.

Tams are becoming my new favorite style of hat to both make and wear. I have an enormous amount of thick hair so these styles work well for not completely messing with the crazy. AND I really enjoy creating color work for the crown.

As I ventured up the Burren for the second time this trip, it was much more seasonal; so windy. But I wasn’t bothered a bit because this gorgeous wool that came from the backs of sheep across the Atlantic crunching and slurping on seaweeds, grow the best stuff for us humans to protect ourselves from the elements.

You can find the pattern Here on Ravelry. For yarns, consider the color ways Shamrock and August Rain.


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