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Shop’s Open!

It’s 2am and I have finally reached the end point of gathering all the data, inserting all the things, shaking my fists, swearing up a storm, jumping with glee, almost giving up, hitting brick wall after brick wall… but I finally reached the finish line. And just in time.

I set this sort of arbitrary goal to open shop on this day, the 9th anniversary of moving to Peaks Island to live with my now husband. It’s a big day for us and one of my favorites of the year, along with his birthday which is 3 days from today.

It was also this day 9 years ago I left a job that gave me such deep anxiety to work for myself. At that point I was still with Etsy too and I didn’t mind. But as Etsy grew and changed, I outgrew Etsy.

Having my own website where I could control everything has been an important step for me in my creative process. I look forward to sharing more of my work and adventures in this spot. Thanks for being here with me.

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