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Up the Burren; youhereforthewalkareya?

In other words, opposed to one word; “you’re here for the walk, are ya?” Say it really fast. This is how I was greeted by our guide, Shane. My ear was still adjusting to the Clare accent apparently.

I loved, loved, LOVED this walk!!!! With each experience in the Burren over the last 20 odd years, I’ve always meandered a little up there. But I did so with uncertainty. I’m not sure why though.

The knowledge of our guide was way beyond what one could hope for. As we met in the car park in the village of Ballyvaughan with our small group, he asked what we were interested in knowing. We mainly said anything and everything. And that is exactly what he gave us, plus more. His knowledge of the plants, history, folklore, farming, not to mention his humor and stories were such gifts. We meandered up and down that hill/mountain(?) for 4 hours. The weather was divine for what October in Fanore, seaside mind you, can throw at you. And a few days later, I did it again on my own.

Galway Sheep. A severely declining breed.

View of the Aran Islands

Wild madder. I use the roots of madder for red dyes back home.
I spotted a dolphin diving in this spot but wasn’t able to capture it.
Our peak and remnants of a family structure of about 14 rooms.

We learned that the thickness of the stone walls of a structure correlated the status in society of the family. The higher and thicker the wall, the higher the class.

More beauty.
Though it was our peak, there was still more to be climbed.

I can never get enough of the Burren. Driving through it, walking through it, it doesn’t matter. I’m all weather. It’s the resting place of some of my ancestors.

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