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Christmas Stockings; knitting with traditional yarn and colors

I promised myself at the beginning of 2019, that I’d not pick up or start any new projects because I had plenty to finish. It was going to be the year of finishing all the projects. And books. But that’s a different subject.

But I wandered into an old local knitting store one day Central Yarn. My eye caught these attractive kits hanging on the wall. So I bought 3. One for each of the kids and me. My husband already has one that I knitted, at his request, when we were first married. Different pattern but I knew they’d go together.

I loved knitting these 3 stockings up. I remember working particularly hard on one while visiting in-laws in cottage country Ontario, Canada that summer. That’s the thing about knitting for me, or anything I make really, when I look at the item or wear it, I’m filled with the memories that were knit right into the fabric. I love that. And it’s part of why I keep doing it.

Even though it was 2 years now since I started these, I’m pretty sure I remember that the yarn was Bartlett. A hardy serviceable soft wool. I never get tired of using it. And it was perfect for these kits.

The top one with birds is mine. The long skinny one with snowflakes my son’s. The paper dolls holding hands my daughter’s, the fat green one with bigger snowflakes my husband’s. And that pink & blue patch work one with buttons is a favorite one I picked up at an antique store years ago. That’s for our special Christmas guest.

Making things to use at Christmas is one of my favorite ways to celebrate the holiday and helps me feel less hurried and more calm.

I hope you find some time this season to do something for yourself that brings some extra calm and softness.

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  1. I LOVE a these Rachel and I love that they bring you so much joy. You’re such a wonderful human. I’m happy to know you.

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