Sweet Hat Collection; feather light and toasty warm

How I love working with cashmere. Making something a bit worn out in tiny places and turning it into a new form for a new life brings me such joy. This is exactly what I did for my son 3 years ago when I knew he was out growing his baby hats and I had put it off long enough finding replacements. He seems to grow faster than I could knit a hat at this point as he always wanted to get his hands on the needles too. I had a very small fluffy grey cashmere sweater I had tried to dip in indigo a few years before that I was hanging onto for just this sort of purpose. I quickly whipped up what my son now affectionately calls his “sweet hat” because he can’t get over the soft fluffiness of the hat. How lightweight and warm it keeps him.

This collection is inspired by him. As I worked through the collection of cashmere I had, I saw hats in various shapes and sizes but the sizes were not planned. I did however end up with a size for everyone.

The measurements are measured only across the brim of the hat laying flat. If you’re unsure of your desired size, measure your head all the way around where you want your hat to rest at the brim with a soft tape measure. Then divide the number in half and check out my sizing and measurements for each hat. My sizing is relative. For what is labeled as a small adult my fit your intended child. A toddler may be able to wear their toddler hat well into their tweens. It all depends on the individual. So many sure you measure. I have a ton of hair so all the large adult size hats are perfect for not crushing my curls.

Each hat is hand sewn with organic natural colored cotton grown in California. Gathered simply at the top giving each hat that floppy slouching effect. You know I’m a big fan of wool. And cashmere has a different, special place in my heart. Something else that does too is salvaging forgotten textiles and giving them new life.

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