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As a trained arts educator and practicing artist, developing and teaching classes is one of my favorite things to do.

Each class has been carefully thought through considering many aspects from what I enjoy teaching/ sharing the most, feed back from past students, working from ecological and cultural contexts. Each element carefully researched by me and practiced to ensure the most successful experience for the student. And as an Autistic women, teaching with Neurodiversity in mind is at the forefront of my lessons.

Below, you will find my “Classics” Set. These are my tried and true classes that I’ve been teaching for a number of years. With the exception of 3 new classes I’ve recently added to the set, which are;

Straw to Gold Spinning; I’ve been spinning flax for about 5 years now. Have attended a flax and linen symposium and have plans for starting my first flax plot in 2023 with the intention of using it for my own work and classes. From there I plan to build the tools necessary to process the flax into linen for spinning that will eventually be made into wearable cloth. But for now, teaching the spinning technique is a good place to start.

Aran Origins; is fresh from development and I look forward to teaching it for the first time. An introductory approach to cables and textured knit stitches with the Irish historical context from which Aran knitting was born. I first started knitting with cables 20 years ago and has been a favorite technique since.

Scrappy Bear; I’ve knit over 100 of these fun loving bears and they can be made in any size with any yarn. A great stash buster and wonderful gift for littles or anyone who needs a stuffy to snuggle.

For full descriptors of each class in the Classics Catalog, click on the menu item “Class Catalog” below “Learn”.