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Hi and Welcome! Here on this page you will find a handful of up to date (2021) helpful resources to guide you into understanding what autism truly is. I am speaking as a late diagnosed autistic women who is also raising a diagnosed autistic son. If you’d like to learn more about my journey, it can be found here; Autistic Raising

Eva Mendes LMHC, NCC Eva helped me tremendously work through a lifetime of misunderstandings about myself. I highly recommend her counsel.

The Art of Autistim Check List This is one of the first resources I discovered when I started digging around about myself. From here my curiosity about myself sprung here and helped jumpstart my journey of self awareness and self understanding.

ABA Alternatives This is a thoughtful article on wanting to explore options for your children that do not involve traditional old school ABA. Dig deeper if you’re not sure what any of this means but you keep hearing anything about ABA.

I found this article helpful when trying to figure out how to best support my son who was 4 at the time of diagnosis. He is now 6 and thriving because of the various supports we have for him and with him.

Deciding on what kind of support you and your family needs is such a personal matter and decision. Don’t be afraid to go with your gut and remember you know your child better than anyone.

Mykola Bilokonsky Tweeted a BRILLIANT list of reasons you may be autistic. I found is incredibly hilarious because for me it was so true and not quite like a light bulb going off in my head but more like fucking fireworks for the realizations I was connecting about myself. Thank you Mykola.

And while you’re at it, check out his website on neurodiversity Public Neurodiversity Support Center

Ok, I was going to share this one podcast that has helped me so much, but instead I found it is linked to a another site, Here you’ll find dozens of autistic related podcasts AND support. Do check it out! I’m so happy something like this exists.

I will continue to add more as I find them. And if you have any you’d like to see here to share, please comment below or email me at

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