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Project sharing

I’ve been slowly and intentionally moving and shifting through a ton of physical possessions throughout our household in order to cleanse our space. Through this process though, I’m cleansing my mind and spirit.

Amongst my goals for 2019 is to finish all the unfinished projects before I buy materials for anything new. This also goes for (and I hope I can keep this promise to myself but I can’t control my creative mind) thinking up new projects.

In doing so, this involves unearthing old projects that are finished & that I want to shine a light on for the sake of memories and warmth and accomplishments I’ve made in my lifetime.

Here are two; a knitted dress I made for my youngest:

I just loved knitting this Harriet dress from Blue Sky Alpacas. I used my Xanthoria lichen dyed Irish Texel handspun wool. Such a quick & easy knit & I’m so glad I blocked it because that bottom hem was so flippy.

And the 2nd elaborate cross stitch I ever made, in 1996;

Circa 1996. I remember this time well as I carried this project along with me each time I drove 2 hours north to my high school boy friend’s summer house on the Kennebec River. Then as I started my first year of college, two hours from his college. And then it helping me mend my broken heart even though I ended what was a beautiful & loving relationship (for 18 anyway). I can’t look at this piece without gratitude for the person this sweet boy was, how we grew up together, how his family welcomed me so warmly, & how I fell into that cold & exhilarating river on one of our rafting trips. Still remains one of the best summers of my life because of the sweetness, respect, & love we found in ourselves & each other.

Story telling around objects I make has been something soothing and primitive for me. I look forward to delving into this form of writing further down the road.

For now, I have more pairing down to do in the studio.

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