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Dyeing with Huizache; day 6.5

It’s 2020 and I’m still working through all these posts. But it’s fine. I knew the Christmas vacation would create a giant sink hole in my creative life. But here I am on the other side and we are still alive.

I realized with these posts that i forgot some fun info about day 6. So here’s the other half of that day. Our first day visiting the market, Demetrio had bought a giant route called amole. He uses it for washing all of his wool he purchases from the spinning ladies. Did I mention they spin the wool in the grease? Demetrio simply grated some of this route into a pot of water, swished it around to create suds and then washed a few skeins of his wool. It was a beautiful process to watch. Another plant to be used for the wool process.

We then prepared a pot of huizache, a small dried pod that can give black with iron. Pronounced (wa-saw-che). A word we loved saying a little too much. It needs to be ground up before added to the bath.

The card sample below is a collection of so many dyes with this last one right in the middle. At some point I may reorganize it all onto small cards of something.

I loved these small moments of learning and being introduced to completely new to me techniques, and dye stuffs.

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