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Many moons ago, about 11 years actually, I started blogging. It was initially just an outlet to share what I did. It morphed into travel blogging about my 3 month honeymoon in Ireland, teaching workshops in natural dyeing, dye tutorials, and then child rearing (or cat herding as I like to call it). And then I fought so hard to keep writing and making but it all faded. Plus, using the blogger interface just wasn’t conducive to my spur of the moments and flashes of creativity that were morphing in my life.

My husband and I tried to set up a new site because I was convinced I needed a “website” but again I didn’t have easy access on the go like I wanted.

Then I decided to dive in and give WordPress a try and set the whole thing up myself. I had been torn about leaving Blogger, but at the time, they didn’t have an accessible app for my phone & sitting with my laptop with a 2 year old & baby wasn’t ever going to happen any time soon.

Once I started to only care about sharing my love and exploration of textiles, travel, & mothering, I started to have fun writing again.

Mothering can be lonely enough. But I also live on an island and am a highly sensitive autistic introvert. I never minded writing, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I even thought about how therapeutic writing can be. Even about my makes. And travels. And ebbs and flows of motherhood.

My Hope here is that I can maybe remind others that what they do/make/create/ is important. If it brings us joy and comfort, it matters. If we learn a lesson, it matters.

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