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Market Day and Finishing My Rug : Day 11

One more time at the market. One last day to finish this rug. One more ride through the village.

My mom used to say I was burning my candle at both ends. Well, I do thrive to feel that fire coming from all directions.

My rug just after it being cut off the loom. I used churro wool yarns that Demetrio and his son Victor had dyed before our arrival;

Pink: cochineal

Yellow: pecan leaves and chamomile flowers

Green: chamomile on grey wool

Orange: Usnea lichen species

I LOVED weaving this rug. The squish of the wool as I beat the reed. Following the design that was inspired from the Zapotec ruins in Mitla and that Demetrio helped me iron out, a few times. Following the pattern it self and never feeling terribly stuck on where I was going with it. Once I had it painted out, I followed the squares. A few times I wasn’t sure if id finished it. So just the fact that I had a final push and did indeed finish it, was just such a satisfying relief.

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