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Fingerless Lájish (mittens) by Jennifer Berg of Native Knitter

Learning from and supporting Indigenous people is an important life long journey for me. Celebrating their work is something I also like to share with others.

I loved knitting these up and they’ve been my go to mitts for a year now. Picking out my own hand dyed yarns was so easy and fun as this red and green were what inspired me to look for such a pattern. I went looking for an Indigenous knitwear designer in the south west and I found Jennifer’s designs. It was meant to be. The yellow I used was a special color way too. Dyed with saved & dried cota (Navajo tea) flowers and dried snake weed. Both I collected in Santa Fe back in 2014. I had used both of them once and then dried the plants to use again some day.

You can find Jennifer’s pattern here:


And more about Jennifer’s work here:


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