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Oaxaca City : day 12

Wandering in unknown places on my own or with just the right companion is one of my favorite things. Sam and I ventured out on the bus on our own into the city and thank goodness her Spanish is much better than mine. Exploring the market in the middle of the city was so gratifying. We took our time, had items & ideas on our lists. We had no more weaving or obligations of any kind that day. How freeing is that? I realized what I loved so much about this market is that even though it was much bigger than others I’d been to, no one stood over me telling me the price of everything I looked at. I can’t think like that.

I’m home now and it’s been several weeks since that day in Oaxaca City. But I remember it one of the best days of the whole trip. I can imagine going back and staying in the city. But first my Spanish needs to improve greatly.

We also visited the textile museum because of an indigo exhibit. That too was wonderful. I’m glad we made that happen.

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