2023 Teaching Schedule

Natural Dye Intensive at Portfiber August 26th

Are you fascinated by natural dyes? Plant stuffs create a stunning array of colors that all seem to go together. In this workshop you’ll learn how to properly scour and mordant your fibers to get the best long last colors.

Materials to bring:

•a fat quarter (approximately 18”x22”) of 100% white silk *

•a fat quarter of 100% white cotton fabric

•a fat quarter of 100% white linen fabric *

•100 grams of white 100% wool yarn *

•black sharpie for labeling

•1 plastic shopping bag to be cut up for labels

•durable rubber gloves

•an apron

•a lunch for a 45 minute break

*items can be purchased at Portfiber


🍀Eco Printing at Portfiber September 16th

50 Cove Street, Portland, Maine

Eco printing is such a beautiful way to capture memories, preserve flowers and plants in a particular season, turn plain cloth into something new, fresh, and stunning. You’ll leave with a clear knowledge on how to practice eco printing at home. Taught with an ecological context and respect for the landscape.

Materials to bring:

  • a fat quarter of 100% white silk fabric*
  • a fat quarter of 100% white wool fabric
  • a fat quarter of 100% white linen fabric
  • a fat waiter of 100% white cotton fabric
  • black sharpie for labeling
  • durable rubber gloves (Mr. Clean are Rachel’s go-to)
  • lunch – we’ll take a 30-45 minute break for lunch


If you would like to host me for a workshop, reach me at 44clovers@gmail.com

Dyeing to Knit Ireland October 7th-15th 2024

Take a trip with me through Ireland and together we’ll take knitting classes, visit museums, explore ancient ruins, learn some Irish and at the end take a natural dye workshop from me using foraged Irish plants.

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