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Irish Landfall; 45th b-day in Ireland

I’m curious…..

What airlines have you flown where you’ve been able to have your knitting needles on board? Ironically, you cannot take knitting needles on Aerlingus flights. It’s annoying. But I managed.

I started the Carradal Shawl by Lucy Hague while onboard a Concord coach bus to Logan airport. Happy that my kid’s motion sickness medicine worked so I could work.

As all Aerlingus flights from Boston to Ireland are direct (which I love!) its a pretty straight forward flight- but a red eye- and a time change. Honestly, it’s getting a bit brutal for me. Mainly because I am so excited that it takes a real effort to make myself get to sleep! But I managed it. This particular flight was 10:30pm-8:30am (but technically I’m landing at 3am- or so my body cries at me.

A note on car rental in Ireland; prebook in advance. Automatics are a bit more expensive but are becoming more widely available as they are in high demand. If you are comfortable driving a standard/ stick, you’ll save a bit.

Spring for the full coverage insurance- this will be at least 300 Euro more than what you were quoted online. Just budget it in. Or call ahead and ask- if I get this full coverage on this kind of car- how much is that per day and budget for it. It is worth it.

What your credit card companies do not tell you about giving you that same full coverage is you need a hard copy letter from your credit card company stating that you are covered by them… I’ve not managed to obtain that letter because I never think of it in advance. Just don’t show up to the rental counter to pick up your reserved car and expect to just be covered under your credit card. It won’t happen. You can certainly opt out of the insurance- but honestly it’s not worth it for the million things that could go wrong- even when it’s not your fault. The country roads are… tiny. Beautiful…. and fun to drive… but the kind of road you want to be fully covered in insurance with. Also, think about your luggage and the space you’ll have in your car. The cheapest options of cars are tiny. Teeny tiny! You can’t fit a regular sized suitcase in its trunk. The back seat, maybe.

Post flight knitting at my lovely friend’s house in Lucan, Dublin. When planning my Irish trips now, I always add at least 2 days- 1 one each end to recover from the travel. Again, so worth it.

Up next, my 1st St. Patick’s Day in Ireland

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  1. Odd on not being able to bring your needles. I’ve traveled internationally for years and been able to bring needles on Delta, Virgin Atlantic, American, Air Lingus, KLM, British Air, and Lufthansa. I’ve had my small scissors confiscated in South Africa, but was able to bring the needles on the plane. Maybe it’s because I was in business class?? Or maybe I looked crazy enough that when the security guy in Frankfurt suggested that the needles weren’t allowed that they let it slide. I was pretty adamant that they were since it was a return flight to the US and I had checked in advance to see if they were allowed (and they were).

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