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The Spinning Ladies; Day 6

Having the honor to meet and visit with this group of women was an experience that is just set apart from the rest of the trip. Demetrio drives a ways (I forgot how long it took) to visit with and purchase hand (spindle) spun churro wool from women in this small village. I watched as greetings, negations, news and teasing was spoken in Zapotec. I know I was teased for my ghost white legs and feet. I wanted so much to communicate in a normal fluid way, so hands were used a lot.

Demetrio makes this journey about once a month to purchase the yarns for his rugs. It’s a Fibershed happening and I kept thinking of all the natural connections of community, plants, wool, families, and how it’s just been a way of life for so very long. I felt envious and happy at the same time.

Back home now in Maine with Christmas near. School vacation has started & as I navigate yet another routine coming undone because of no school, I try and embrace instead all the opportunities of togetherness. Currently a tantrum has erupted so I have to cut this short.

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