Soil to Skein : my yarn process


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I’m Rachel, the creator of 44Clovers. I work from my home on Peaks Island, Maine. My back ground is in Visual Art with a special love of working with textiles. I select freshly shorn fleeces from Maine farmers that raise primitive or heritage wool breeds such as Shetland, Finn, Icelandic, Maine Island, Jacob, or Scottish Black Face. For my handpsun yarns, I process the fleece myself from raw fleece to skein. With my mill spun yarn, I partner with Aroostook Fiberworks in Ashland, Maine. I choose to work only with these breeds and any other wool breeds that are being watched for going extinct as a way to bring awareness and help aid in preserving these breeds. Processing raw fleece into workable yarn is no small feat. It’s time consuming and can take sometimes a year to bring a full fleece into dyed ready to use yarn. But I’m passionate about preserving this tradition of using wool for yarn, using natural dyes, doing as much of the process I can by hand, myself, and it’s immensely therapeutic for me.