Details; a stay at Gregan’s Castle Hotel

This post will not do this lovely stay justice. At all. But I just wanted to share a teeny slice of some of my favorite details of a place I’ve been visiting for 8 years for teas and dinners, but this time I stayed for a few peaceful nights as well. For me, it was heaven.

Photo taken through the slice in the window. View from my room. I never get tired of staring at these Burren mountains.
View from the drawing room out onto the gardens.
Corkscrew Bar inside the Hotel.
Afternoon tea. One of favorite things.
Lady the cat. You don’t want to rub her head TOO much.
A photo of a possible Scanlon ancestor I found in a book about County Clare.
Last breakfast of my stay.
Lady was waiting for me the last two mornings of my stay outside my room.
This dresser tickled me. It’s adorable and was the perfect size to put everything away.
My favorite tiny decorative detail in my room.
The gingham curtains inside this wardrobe was another favorite detail.

This was quite literally a slice of heaven for me. For 23 years I have wondered what staying here would be like. And it was exactly what I had hoped. Quiet. Beautiful. Special.

I had no agenda- except what I had booked ahead of time; 2 dinners, an afternoon tea, and a guided walk. I napped. I sat in the garden and just stared at those Burren hills. I tried to make friends with the cats. I wandered the gardens a few times. I browsed the books in the drawing room. I spied on the birds nesting in the ivy. I stared at the orchid watercolors in the drawing room. and I enjoyed some of the very best food of the Burren.

The whole atmosphere just takes me back in time to my own memories of when I spent the fall of ‘99 up the road at the art college, BCA. And of a time gone by but that is still kept alive by the beautiful, thoughtful, and intentional hospitality of Gregan’s Castle Hotel.

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