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Brazil Wood, Marigolds and the Village Market : day 8

I’ve used Brazilwood a few times recently but in powered form that I purchased from Fancy Tiger Crafts. The whole process went well and it felt extremely precious. Brazilwood is a hard wood and can only be found in southern countries. It’s also a bit hard to come by. The pieces of wood Demetrio obtains is from an area where this tree is also being replanted. I purchased a small log from him to bring home. I look forward to trying to chop up little slivers of kindling to soak and dye with. Maybe wrap into eco printings? And to keep using the same sticks over and over until they give no more dye.

We took a quick drive into the village and walked around the market that seemed to extend into every building and around every corner. I found a few aprons for the family which was fun and on my list. And we visited an artist’s studio, Marcos Lucero. I fell in love with this piece :

And very seriously taking it home. You can find Marcos on Instagram.

Roof top view in Teatitleon del Valle.

Demetrio chopping up some brazilwood for a dye bath.

The first 5 samples are of marigolds and brazilwood.

Marigolds soaking and staying fresh until we’re ready to dye with them. I’ve never used marigolds at home to dye with because I always have other yellows on hand. But I could picture growing some this spring and summer. The dye bath shown with the marigolds was the annatto seeds cooking from the day before. Something I love about natural dyeing, it’s easy and addictive even to create so many baths at once and to always have something going, something soaking, something waiting to be pulled out. I still have not fired up my stoves since I’ve been home. I instead just focused on the holidays, and the children. But they are back in school now and it’s a new year. I hope I can dive in sooner rather than later.

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