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Just a Slice; a walk around Gregan’s

One of my favorite things these days is taking very slow walks through the woods and trying to notice everything. This evolved over time as I’ve been working on developing my mushroom hunter’s eye. Now I spy tiny lost feathers poking up from leaves, a mushroom about to burst through, and the elusive Lobaria lichens that grow on tree trucks. I am fascinated by all of it.

Wooden fence post covered in multiple species of lichens
Brambles, Burren hills beyond
I’ve no idea what this is. Do you?
Wooden fencing covered in brambles and fuchsia.
Light pink fuchsia. One of my favorites.
Buttercup. I only see these in the spring & summer in Maine.
Morning dew covering the front lawn on Gregan’s.
Xanthoria lichens covering copper birches.
Feathery moss
Hidden pond
Close up of this beautiful moss.
Lobaria lichens
Lobaria lichens
Sweet cat friend who followed my everywhere.
This rhubarb is out of control.
View of right of driveway when coming into Gregan’s.
A too close up of a robin.

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  1. Such gifts we are given by the natural world, if only we stop to notice and treasure them. Thank you for sharing.

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