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Shop’s Open!

It’s 2am and I have finally reached the end point of gathering all the data, inserting all the things, shaking my fists, swearing up a storm, jumping with glee, almost giving up, hitting brick wall after brick wall… but I finally reached the finish line. And just in time. I set this sort of arbitrary… Continue reading Shop’s Open!

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What next?

I’m constantly asking myself this. The world is in a holding pattern. At times I do lament how things were. But then I’m quickly reminded of all that is still intact AND sacred in my life. And I’m then reminded that change is fine. It’s good even. It’s ok. The kids haven’t been in school… Continue reading What next?

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Mordant and Design : day 2

Well, my plan for posting while away didn't pan out. I was consumed with weaving, dyeing, & exploring so much- which is how it should be. But I'm back home now settled in with my loves. Unpacked & stories told. My idea of sharing about my trip here isn't a tutorial or even a blow… Continue reading Mordant and Design : day 2

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Oaxaca Journey : day 1

This trip has been two years in the making. Traveling with close fiber friends to learn from master dyer & weaver Demetrio Bautista Lazo of Teatitlán De Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico. I first met Demetrio in 2010 in my first year as an instructor at Medomak Fiber Arts Retreat in Washington, Maine. I had done only… Continue reading Oaxaca Journey : day 1

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Rug Dreams; designing my 1st rug

The progression of this project has been a graceful climb. As much as I hope my children will find what I do fascinating and want to partake someday soon, I also forget they still see me working and hear me talking about my latest project. I've given up on keeping things tidy and organized all… Continue reading Rug Dreams; designing my 1st rug

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Wool Discoveries; rare wool breeds with Deb Robson

This class made my head explode. I woke up too early in my Vermont hotel room. Too excited to sleep for what the day may bring. Just the thought of driving through winding country roads early in the morning in Vermont to a place I’d never been was enough to thrill me. And keep me… Continue reading Wool Discoveries; rare wool breeds with Deb Robson