Maine Raised Romney Wool Yarn, Undyed, Handspun


Washed, carded, spun by hand. A long stable length and spun in the woolen method to keep the fleece lively and open.

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Romney wool has a very long history of evolving to what it is today. Unlike primitive breeds that have never changed, Romney wool started out as Kent sheep from England. It was recognized in England in the 1800’s as a long wool breed. Over time the body type and quality of wool were breed specifically with English Leicester wool.

A soft, open and fluffy, and durable wool. Beautiful natural colors grew from this sheep. I hand processed the fleece starting by skirting (removing the yucky bits), to washing (gentle soaks in hot soapy water until most of the lanolin and dirt are gone), air drying, carding (using my double wide drum carder, and finally to spinning into a worsted yarn.

Yardage: approx~ 120

Weight: approx~ 3oz

Knitting needle size: 6-8US

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 3 in


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